Samantha, labeled Sweetest Girl You'll Ever Meet, is a contestant on Total Drama Recolor!


Samantha grew up in a friendly neighborhood.She had many friends and male admirers. Samantha is the best looking in a short skirt and she is the smartest. She graduated from 8th grade with a A+. If anything Sami (as she LOVES to be called) is honest. Sami loves animals, purple, pink, and Hello Kitty. Her IQ is almost off the charts. Sami loves designing and sketches designs in all of her notebooks. Samantha loves to be called Sami, Sam, Sam-Sam, and Samburger. She is hoping to win. Sami will try to win as much as she can. But she won't if it means betraying her friends.


Tell me about you...

I'm really sweet and kind and nice!!! I'm also smart-ish. Also I'm very hot!!!

What fashion experience do you have?

I used to work at a fashion boutique! And I make my own custom T-Shirts.

Do you think you can win? Why/Why not?

Me? Win? Duh! I'm hot! And nice! And smart-ish!

Do you plan on winning strategically or fashionably?

Both. I have a strategy. Make an alliance and pray to not get eliminated! I can also win fashionably!!

How far do you think you'll make it?

I hope to the end! I can only hope!!

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