Last time, the 10 contestants had to design formal wear for themselves, and at the elimination ceremony, relationships were made, and 2 people revealed their votes, but in the end, Shaun was out, with half of the designers voting for him! This episode starts with Johnny waking the contestants up!


Dress as a superstar! Be sure to include alot of detail! Due in 24 hours, (7:00PMEST):


  1. The Demon (KISS) - Seth
  2. Starchild (KISS) - Herman
  3. The Cat (KISS) - Dylan
  4. The Fox (KISS) - Jeff


  1. Shakira - Jessica
  2. Brittney Spears - Barbie
  3. Beyonce - Bailey
  4. Nicki Minaj - Jonna
  5. Madonna - Monica

If Done...Edit

Leave your name here:

  1. Dylan - LiLCraziiGurl77
  2. Monica - LiLCraziiGurl77
  3. Jessica- TDobsessed88
  4. Herman - TDISeriesFan
  5. Jonna-KAte4TDWT
  6. Seth-Kate4TDWT
  7. Jeff- TDobsessed88
  8. Barbie-Barbiegirlvolcano


Dylan - Very good, a little sloppy, but overall good. One thing I realized, no detail on chest! Score: 6/10

Monica - Really good! It look really 80's-ish! Also, the heels were kinda Lady Gaga-ish, and not Madonna-ish! Job well done, though! Keep up the good work! Score: 8/10

Jessica - Simply. Beautiful! Perfect! Only one little mistake, the dress is a little long! In the picture, it was shorter, but that doesn't matter! Amazing! Score: 9.5/10

Jonna - Well, Jonna, I don't see Nicki Minaj's look in the picture! It was ok, I like the design, though! It's decent, so you MIGHT be safe, for now! Score: 5.5/10

Herman - Pretty good, I actually thought this would be a challenge for you, but it actually turned out to be really decent! Would've liked a little more detail, though! Score: 7/10

Seth - Pretty good, could've added more detail, and alot of gray! Overall, good! Score: 5/10

Jeff - Pretty good, I loved how you added the tounge thing! my favorite thing! A little more design, and it would be perfect! Score: 7.5/10