"Mika", labeled The Friendly Girl, is a contestant on Total Drama Recolor!


Since young, Monique has been a very friendly person. She was funny, and had cartoon voice. Then, her friends started calling her "Mika", and that's her actual name until now. She wasn't a very nice student at all, but she graduated from high school and thought of start studying cooking. Before starting cooking she needed some money, and thought: "Competitions give money, and that's what I need!". She signed up to Total Drama Recolor to have some money for her studies.


Tell me about you...

My real name is Monique, but Shhh!!! Don't tell anything! I don't like that name. I like cooking!

What fashion experience do you have?

I used to go shopping with by Best Friends, Paula and Bailey... Does that count?

Do you think you can win? Why/Why not?

Not really. But I'll give my best to win the money!

Do you plan on winning strategically or fashionably?

Fashionably, but if that doesn't work, strategically.

How far do you think you'll make it?

Maybe, half way, or a bit more... But I hope until the end! Well, if the runner-up gets a prize, I would work with that!