Layla-Kate, labeled The One Everyone Drools Over, is a contestant on Total Drama Recolor!


Layla-Kate is the prettiest girl you'll ever meet, but that's what EVERY guy in her towns say. She has always been the one EVERYONE drools over. And she hates it. She rather have one true boyfriend, than 100 guys giving her candy.

She's a nice person, always giving back to the enviorment. And she has found that is she joins AV club, every guy in the school joins AV club. If she joins soccer, every guy in school joins soccer.


Tell me about you... Well, at my FIRST school everyone drooled over me. At my SECOND school I had to keep the TEACHERS off of me. At my THIRD school some of the-

What fashion experience do you have? I design all of my clothes.

Do you think you can win? Why/why not? Maybe, if I don't get traped in some sorta' conflict!

How do you plan on winning, strategically, or fashionably? How? Two words: The guys!

How far do you think you'll make it?

I don't know!

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