Jhoanna, labeled The Rude Girl, is a contestant on Total Drama Recolor!


Jhoanna was born in a decent neighboorhood. She had lots of friends as well as enemies and liked mostly guys things, like football, or fighting. She's manly and brave enough to say you in your face what she needs to say you in your face and hit you!


Tell me about you...

I sent most things in my biography, but just for you to know, my name is not mispelled as Jhoanna as is Johanna, Joahnna or Joannah. My name is Jhoanna.

What fashion experience do you have?

None. I want to win to get more money for myself

Do you think you can win? Why/Why not?

As long as I put my best, yes

Do you plan on winning strategically or fashionably?

Any of them! Maybe stategically, but mainly with my strength, physical and mental.

How far do you think you'll make it?

I don't know, but I hope until the end!