Herman is a contestant on Total Drama Fashionista. He is labeled The Sarcastic Friend He was the first contestant to sign up for Total Drama Fashionista. He is TDISeriesFan's character.

Before Game InterviewEdit

Tell me about you...

Well, I'm sixteen and I'm having seventeen in six months. I'm from Ontario, Canada and I have british past families.

Why do you think you can win?

I don't really think I'm capable to win. I have a minimum chance, but I don't really think I can. Sometimes, people just dislike me.

Fashion-wise, do you think you can win?

Well, since I was a child I liked designing all sort of things. Clothing, houses, faces. That is the reason I started playing The Sims. So yeah, I have a chance.

What do you think will happen to you on the show?

Really, not much. Be humilliated in front of all the world, or end up being the next top fashion designer. Maybe find a girl... Well, if chris is the host, the first one is most likely to be.

Do you have a strategy for winning?

Not really. Just being myself and giving my best.

Trivia Edit

  • He had two designs: The one at the right and the new one.