Bailey is a contestant on Total Drama Fashionista. She is labeled The Exigent. She is the second character to sign up. He is TDISeriesFan's character.

Before Game InterviewEdit

Tell me about you...

Well, I'm sixteen, I'm a helf from Paris and a half from Texas, U.S.A. I am very competitive and nervous.

Why do you think you can win?

Well, as I told you, I'm competitive and this competitiviness makes me determined, and this determinedniness makes me want to win, and this wanttowinniness makes win the most times, and sometimes makes me create words.

Fashion-wise, do you think you can win?

Yes! I have the fashionista eye. That's what the doctor said me.

What do you think will happen to you on the show?

Umm.. Win? Cry? Love? Friendships? A smart and beauty guy

Do you have a strategy for winning?

No... I have the Fashionista Eye! I already told you, right?!


  • Bailey had two designs: the one at the right and the actual one.