Adam, labeled the The Big Hearted Kid, is a contestant on Total Drama Recolor!


At a young age, Adam was put up for adoption. He was adopted by a loving family, who had two other adopted children. Growing up, he loved football! His brothers loved other sports, like one of his brothers, Shaquille, was more interested into basketball! He's now a professional basketball player. His other brother, Robby, was more interested in baseball, and is now also a professional baseball player! Adam is nice all of the time, but when he's competitive, he gets angry! Adam, at the age of seven, actually had a fun game of football with his friends, but got so competitive, that he actually broke his friend's arm! Adam is a Mama's Boy, thinking his adopted mother is his real mother. Adam, now 16, still doesn't know his real mother! If Adam wins the million, he will give his mother 20% of the money, and all of the losers $10,000, leaving him with $710,000, in which he will use to go on and try to become the first football player/fashion designer!


Tell me about you...

Well, I one day hope to become a big football player, and if that doesn't work, then a designer! I have 2 brothers, Robinson, and Shaquille, both professional sports players!

What fashion experience do you have?

I went to designer school for a year, but it didn't really work! I sowed my hand to a blouse! I'm here to prove I can become a designer

Do you think you can win? Why/why not?

I don't think so...I know there will be so much better designers.

How do you plan on winning, strategically, or fashionably? How?

Fashionably, I think I shouldn't play it strategically, because I'm here to have fun

How far do you think you'll make it?

I hope far!